Background and History

The ZWHJCOC was incorporated as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization in April 2003 as an extension of the outreach programs of St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church, under the direction of Dr. Zan W. Holmes, Jr., who served as senior pastor for 29 years. St. Luke is an effective leader in Dallas, particularly in the South Dallas/Fair Park communities, and a contributor to outreach ministries that encourage economic and community development. The ZWHJCOC has intentionally developed programs that build on Dr. Holmes’ legacy, to further St. Luke's work and embody the highest ideals of Christian service.



Engaging Dallas families living in poverty with the opportunity to become middle-class citizens.


Who we serve 

ZWHJCOC services young people and their families living in poverty, with an emphasis on South Dallas and the Southeastern sector of Dallas.

Programs and Services

Frazier House: Frazier House is an initiative of the Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Community Outreach Center. It is located on the first floor of the newly renovated former Julia C. Frazier Elementary School. It offers multiple services in one building partnering and collaborating with other community nonprofits, service organizations and the Dallas Independent School District. This shared space offers access to educational, social services, job skills training and job placement opportunities for Frazier House Clients.


Goals and Objectives

  • Increasing literacy rates among adults in South Dallas targeted zip codes by 25%

  • Providing job skills to target audiences

  • Connecting target audiences with strategic partners for higher education and social service needs

  • Providing students with experience and well-paying jobs for a sustainable livelihood

  • Participating in rebuilding and expanding African-American professional businesses in South Dallas

  • Increasing the number of District 9 students in Dallas ISD’s dual credit program by 35%

As people of faith, we should always continue to work to lift those who find themselves in difficult situations.
— Dr. Zan W. Holmes, Jr.