Low Voltage training prepares students for success

 The Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Community Outreach Center Offers a Low Voltage Job Skills Training Program for individuals who would like training in the low voltage field. You can learn to install home theaters, Internet service, satellite dishes and more in this 4-week training course. 

Our students are trained following the highest industry standards, ready to enter the workforce and begin contributing immediately. The potential earnings for individuals starting jobs in this field are about $40,000.

here and complete an interest form 
to be considered for the next class.
The 4-week training sessions begin 
with a mandatory orientation.

About the program:

  • 4 weeks of mandatory training in class and in the field, meeting 4 days a week

  • Weekly stipend paid to active participants

  • Background friendly opportunity

  • GED not required, but you must be able to read and pass the field exam to be accepted in the program

  • No experience necessary

  • Must be comfortable with heights, climbing under buildings, using hand tools, and working outside (hot and cold temperatures)

  • Field assessment administered at orientation

  • Financial coaching

  • Job readiness training

  • Expunction assessments, if needed

Unique Job Placement Assistance 
Our job placement efforts are different from traditional staffing agencies because, in addition to job skills training, we also provide:

  • Ongoing financial coaching and case management to help alleviate burdens like childcare and transportation 

  • Job readiness training to help improve their interpersonal relations, like how to communicate with management, dressing for success, and appropriate workplace behavior

  • Expunction assessments through a Legal Clinic which helps those who have records


Frazier House is located at 4600 Spring Avenue, Dallas. 
For more information, contact Jasmine Anderson at