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Financial Services for Social Good  | September 24

Small Businesses Get Ready, Set, Grow  | September 26

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Location: Frazier House   |   4600 Spring Avenue   |    Dallas, TX | 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

September 24
“Financial Services for Social Good” 

Presenter Shaylon Scott is the Regional Director of North Texas for On the Road Lending.

She will present information on --

  • How her company works with clients to build financial capability so that an affordable loan can be arranged for them to gain access to affordable transportation

Scott has experience and knowledge working in local government managing millions of HUD dollars, Rural Development and TDHCA funded housing and community programs. She has served on numerous committees for City of Dallas Special Events, programs and initiatives as well as consulted on program implementation and adjustments. As the newly elected President of Collin County Social Services Association, she continues to use her platform to elevate the needs of the community and the nonprofit sector as a whole.  She received the 2016 Outstanding New Volunteer Administrator of the Year from the National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government and currently serves on the advisory committee for Collin County families IMPACT initiative. This class will be Facebook Live.

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Location: Frazier House   |   4600 Spring Avenue   |    Dallas, TX | 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

September 26, October 1, October 8, October 15
“Small Businesses Get Ready, Set, Grow” 

The Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Community Outreach Center and PeopleFund have partnered to teach and help small business owners learn about funds that are available to them and how to prepare a portfolio to help access those funds. The sessions will be held over four days.

A new topic will be explored at each session and will provide information on the various aspects of building a business loan portfolio. The objective of these sessions is to help educate new and existing small businesses, with an emphasis on those in the Southern Sector, on funds available to them and how to prepare their loan portfolios. 

Participants will learn:

  • Which institution best fits their needs

  • How loan tiers work

  • How to properly complete a business plan

  • Features that loan officers look for in business plans

  • The importance of good credit

  • The importance of relationship building with your banker

Loan officers will be onsite as part of the final activity so participants can submit their loan applications for consideration for a loan.

Co-host PeopleFund provides small business loans to established businesses, nonprofits and start-ups creating economic opportunity and financial stability. Partnering institutions are Frost Bank, Declare Capital, LiftFund (CDFI) and Dream Spring (CDFI). 

These sessions are free and open to the public. Lunch will be provided.

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