ZWHJCOC Forms New Group to Continue to Explore
Economic Development Opportunities for the Community

 This class is for faith-based leaders, community/nonprofit leaders 
and small business owners.

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Location: Frazier House   |   4600 Spring Avenue   |    Dallas, TX. | 2 pm - 3:30 pm

July 24
“Asher Group” 

ZWHJCOC Executive Director Frances Smith-Dean will be the facilitator for this new group called the “Asher Group” which will combine some of the principles taught in the Issachar Project with new ideas and principles to aid economic development. Participants will study how money operates in an economy, economic forecasting, and will engage in a crypto currency study which will explain what that is and the major role it will play in the near future.

This group is named for Asher, from the Bible, and means happy, fortunate and blessed. Asher was the 8thson of Jacob and the second son of Zapa.  He was promised a life blessed with abundance.

Frances Smith-Dean is the Executive Director of the Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Community Outreach Center.  She has extensive experience as a political activist, a community leader and a successful economist. She has utilized her vast knowledge as a financial consultant, both nationally and internationally, by working with business leaders around the world about foreign exchange trade opportunities. As the owner of The Financial Educator, she provides training sessions about the economy to her clientele throughout the nation. She serves also as business advisor to several faith-based organizations.

The class is free and open to the public. For more information, email Jasmine Anderson at